Application Development & Modernization

Enterprise Mobile Applications & DevOps
Enterprise Mobile Apps

Our SMEs transforms business processes and stakeholder communications with dynamic, integrated mobile applications developed for each unique enterprise structure and needs. Our team has expertise in Mobile Application Development and successfully designed and developed both native (Windows, iOS) and multi-platform applications for federal agencies.

Our key strength is our ability to create flexible user experiences that bring together critical functionality, business logic, and information in a captivating, intuitive, and powerful manner. By integrating seamlessly at the process, application, and data level, our solutions work to empower users with access to insight and information when and where they need it.

A-TEK develops mobile app solutions and frameworks for several common, mission-focused requirements, including:

  • Inspections
  • Healthcare
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Asset Management
  • Case Management
  • Collaboration
  • Transaction Processing
Mobile Investigation Platform (MIP)

Our MIP platform combines mobile data collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities to improve operational effectiveness of mission critical initiatives. The platform leverages detailed, location specific data to support enterprise level analysis, situational awareness and decision support. Agency use for the platform include, investigations, fraud management, public health monitoring and outreach, inspection planning and execution, and emergency services. The MIP platform supports:

  • Workforce and Assignment Management
  • Rational Questionnaires
  • Content Management (files, photos, documents)
  • Mapping, including surveillance heat maps and location-based observations
  • Diagraming
  • Reporting
  • Surveillance/Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
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We see it way too often. DevOps teams spend an enormous amount of time and money developing applications that go into pre-deployment and fail the technical security assessment. Agencies have a choice of sending them back and spending more time and money or accepting the risk. Neither is a good option.

With A-TEK DevSecOps, security is integrated throughout the full development life cycle of applications and systems: planning, coding, building and testing to deploying, operating, and maintaining. We ensure our applications and systems work securely the first time out, minimizing risk while reducing time and costs.

Other key differentiators include:

  • Mission-driven
  • Faster Time-to-Value
  • Transparency
  • High User Satisfaction
  • User-focused Design
Systems Integration

The demand for rapid access to information is on the rise making the role of Systems Integration more important. This complex need for data and application systems integration requires expert knowledge of the systems, operations, technologies used, and platforms supporting them.

A-TEK integrates legacy, custom, and COTS/GOTS applications spanning multiple domains. Using industry standards and best practices, such as Application Programming Interfaces (API), we connect diverse systems to support process automation, data presentation, and improved operational management.

Our experience, expertise, and end-to-end approach let you reap the rewards while avoiding the pitfalls. Addressing the full lifecycle of requirements, our Systems Integration can be used to design, develop, integrate, and enhance enterprise applications.

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Data Management, Migration & Analytics

A-TEK’s Data Management, Migration, and Analytics offering enables data capture, governance, and advanced analytics; helping agencies gain actionable insights that support cost, performance, and time.  Our delivery is standardized and optimized, addressing the needs of our customers. We leverage our subject matter experts and data scientists to on-board new, agency-specific, moderate-to-complex data sources. Our agile development methods can be adapted to any of the agencies’ existing methodologies. Our data management and migration services include:

Cloud computing
  • Data Ingestion
  • Accelerators
  • Agency-Specific Applications
  • Visualization
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Cloud Services

As data sources, types, and volumes increase, the process of mining real intelligence for decision making becomes more and more complex. Simply layering on more software, dashboards, charts, reports, and rollups just adds to the complexity and creates confusion with extracting the intelligence.

Dashboards may be cool, but they do not intrinsically produce intelligence.

A-TEK is transforming data into decision analytics and business intelligence. We start by defining the decisions the enterprise makes every day, every quarter, and every year. We then consider what data is necessary to make those decisions and determine what tools need to be built or customized to extract the intelligence required. Instead of overwhelming the customer with unnecessary information, our solutions produce something else: real, actionable intelligence for decision making; and intelligence that is easily accessed through a user-experience interface designed for decision-makers, not technologists.

A-TEK’s data services include:

  • Data Storage, Centralization, and Consolidation
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL)
  • Technology Solutions
  • GIS
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A-TEK provides support to Federal Agencies which have a need to leverage AI, ML, and RPA to meet their missions in a more cost-effective way. We are experienced developing solutions for federal partners which leverage emerging AI, ML, and RPA concepts to meet Agency Mission Objectives. Our clients can realize order-of-magnitude efficiencies by incorporating these solutions into their case management processes and data mining and analysis activities.

Molecular Thoughts
Agile Methodology

A-TEK leverages proven Agile application development methodologies to deliver enterprise applications on-time, on-scope, and on-budget, as promised. We offer deep expertise in designing and managing major projects. We address the full development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, software engineering, configuration, testing, product documentation, and deployment. Our analysts and engineers collaborate with your Product Owners to optimize functionality, usability, and interoperability to create capabilities and insight across the enterprise.

With our Agile approach, adaptability and flexibility are easily managed to produce optimal business results. End-users and stakeholders are encouraged to work closely with developers every step of the way. Whether it’s undertaking new application development or transitioning an existing enterprise system, our team has the Agile experience and expertise you can trust to deliver fast results.

Agile Methodology (4)
  • Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software
  • Easy adaption to evolving/new requirements, even late in development schedule
  • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)
  • Close, daily collaboration between stakeholders, managers, users, and developers
  • Projects built around motivated individuals
  • Sustainable pace of development
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
  • Agile adaptation to changing circumstances
  • Agile DevOps
  • Archibus
  • Nuvolo
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile Investigation Platform (MIP)