Adam K.  | Chicago, IL

“A-TEK fosters a working environment where we look forward to coming to work to complete the mission while also enjoying the company of our co-workers.  The job can be challenging, but when you are surrounded by people who can both help in difficult situations and keep them from getting overwhelming.  I have found it very rare to be involved in a working atmosphere where everybody gets along so well.  I would tell anyone looking to work for A-TEK to be ready for challenges but also to enjoy your time solving them.”

Patricia M.  |  Bethesda, MD

“Working at A-TEK these last five years has been a fantastic experience.  Not only are the Managers supportive, but the work is inspiring and life changing. I feel 100% committed to the client and their mission, and unfettered in offering solutions and attaining any goal.  A-TEK is the company of the future here and now!  Meaning, every employee should feel comfortable and recognized within their company, not just another face or ID number; as well as KNOWING what the collective mission is both on-site and off.   A-TEK provides training and resources to gain new skills and knowledge, which has changed my working life.  I’ve directly applied what I learned at training seminars and conferences to the client with wonderful success! Bravo, A-TEK.”

Rajeev B.  |  Rockville, MD

“I am associated with A-TEK for over a year as a Software Architect, and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insights and work culture. At A-TEK, the employees are treated as highest values assets and offered a supportive and friendly environment to grow professionally and personally. A-TEK is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has a diverse and inclusive culture with a fantastic team. A-TEK leadership has an open door policy and care about their customers and employees and work competently to succeed. Another great thing working at A-TEK is that there is always something challenging happening and every day is filled with new learning opportunities.”

Maria P.  |  Washington, DC

“How leadership operates is one of the most crucial part of any business. A-TEK’s leadership is very structural and strategic, making the company one of the strongest competitors among the Government contracting industry. I continue to work at A-TEK for three reasons: working with great people; there is a tremendous amount of trust among peers, supportive supervisors – they work with you instead of having the feeling you’re working for them; and last but not least; their leadership is very knowledgeable, structured, and competent. A-TEK is a company that opens doors, a great work environment, and strong leadership. I’d recommend working for A-TEK day and night. I’m proud and honored to be part of this wonderful team.”

Arnold T.  |  Richmond, VA

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for A-Tek for over 14 years and throughout, it’ been an amazing experience of growth and unforeseen opportunities obtained through support and resources from A-Tek.  I have grown both personally and professionally throughout my tenure with A-Tek.

I began my career with the company in 2007 in an entry-level scientist position. Throughout those years, with the encouragement of management, coupled with the fantastic educational benefits A-Tek provided, I was able to finish another degree that opened doors to new career opportunities within the company and now I’m in a position I never thought was attainable.

Our entire management team is highly approachable, sincere in helping you succeed, and passionate in their work.  You know you work with amazing leadership when they remember your family members by their first name, push you in elevating your knowledge, and are receptive to your input.

I would, without hesitation, highly encourage any close friend to work with A-Tek and am very confident their experience will mirror mine.

To say it’s been a wonderful experience is an understatement; I’ve been provided with opportunities that has allowed me to attain a position in my career that I never thought was possible and with remarkable people that make my work thoroughly enjoyable.”

Venkata G.  |  Rockville, MD

“I have had the pleasure of working with A-TEK Inc on various projects about 4 years as Development and Operations Manager. Company brought together great people, including excellent project and leadership. A-TEK Inc technical talent was fantastic and worked well with Agile teams and helped deliver consistent results. They were always helpful and accommodating to help employees during their tuff times. This has all taken place during an unprecedented and difficult time for the people during COVID pandemic. Remarkably, A-TEK Inc professionalism and progress have not lagged, exceeding our expectations. That A-TEK Inc is engaged in humanitarian work further shows the strength and depth of their character. I hope and plan to continue work with A-TEK Inc to expand upon this work in the future. I highly recommend A-TEK Inc for any next software development engagement.”

Martin L.  |  Rockville, MD

“I have been with A-TEK a little over 2 years now as a Software Engineer supporting a critical Govt program. The working environment is great, very collaborative, and supportive. Our group is small but has been growing due to project demands. We are diverse and work mostly remotely, with occasional gatherings for lunch and fun celebrations. My typical day start with checking systems, addressing any issues, meeting with peers and customers and the rest of the day goes with troubleshooting, improving existing processes and preparing multiple reports. There is always time to learn something new and apply it on the go.”

Kimberly W.  |  Washington, DC

“Working for A-TEK is such an amazing and refreshing experience! With over 25 years of federal contracting service, A-TEK is the only company I can truly say I have felt included, heard and supported. The A-TEK leadership as well as support staff is always accessible and swiftly provides any information needed or questioned.  It’s very rare to work for a company and have the ability to participate in providing input and opinion and know it’s recognized. Working for A-TEK gives me a feeling of belonging to a professional community who cares as opposed to being just another employee identification number and that’s why I love working for A-TEK! I continue to stay at A-TEK because I’m inspired by the leadership and the services provided. The only advice I would give to a friend about A-TEK is…APPLY! APPLY! APPLY!”

Hamdia M.  |  Rockville, MD

“Working at A-TEK has been an incredible journey marked by unparalleled work-life balance, flexibility, and a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company not only recognizes the importance of personal well-being but actively encourages a flexible work environment that allows me to thrive both personally and professionally.

Moreover, the dedication to diversity and inclusion at A-TEK creates an enriching workplace where diverse perspectives are not only embraced but celebrated. The comprehensive benefits package reflects the company’s investment in its employees’ holistic success, ensuring a sense of security and support.

What sets A-TEK apart is not only its commitment to employee well-being but also its culture of recognition. With a multitude of awards and spot bonuses, the company consistently acknowledges and rewards hard work, fostering a motivational and collaborative atmosphere. Being a part of A-TEK isn’t just a job; it’s an experience that highlights the importance of a positive work environment and the value of each individual’s contributions while building a rewarding career.”