McLean, Virginia, June 2, 2020 – While local, state, and Federal government agencies were focused on implementing measures to respond to and contain the spread of COVID-19 nationally, science and technology innovation services provider, A-TEK, Inc., took proactive measures to support one of its Federal health customers with tracking their COVID-19 remediation efforts.

The objective of the remediation efforts was to bring impacted spaces back on-line for use after each positive case of COVID-19 was reported, across its ~23 million square feet real property portfolio. The COVID-19 Tracker integrated Archibus and ESRI GIS capabilities to show the path of the infection and a centralized workflow to track space closure, decontamination, and re-opening. With the power and flexibility of the Archibus platform, A-TEK was able to develop the tool in a record 10 days. The tool was acknowledged at the Department level as one of the measures this agency was using in its multifaceted response to identify and mitigate COVID-19 contamination in its buildings, floors, and rooms as it sought to ensure the safety and protection of its staff and contractors.

Also, A-TEK laboratorians are leveraging their specialized technical knowledge and molecular biology skills to support COVID-19 testing. A-TEK laboratorians are assisting public health laboratories with real-time PCR testing in ten large cities across the U.S. Some A-TEK laboratorians are working in biosafety level 3 spaces to assist with testing.

A-TEK President and CEO Kathy Freeland said: “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Our customers needed rapid solutions to aid their decision making to protect the safety and well-being of agency personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so proud of how our team recognized the need and rallied together to partner with our customers and delivered an innovative solution. The solution enabled them to track the location of active COVID-19 cases, and therefore, immediately deploy safety and decontamination measures which helped minimize the spread of COVID-19 across the agency – #savedlives.”

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